New in ProofHub: Enjoy making notes with new enhancements

Notes Editor in ProofHub

If you thought Notes was all about jotting down random stuff (writing down your thoughts and ideas) and you can use it to just pen down your client requirements, you need to take a closer look at ProofHub notes. Notes can be used for a lot more than simple note-taking.


From keeping track of minutes of meeting to compiling individual records, creating a simple to-do list, storing project information, organizing research for different events and lot more. You can even share these Notes with others in a breeze to make team collaboration quick, easy and more streamlined.


With Notes, you will no longer need to have a stack of documents and records scattered everywhere. ProofHub Notes work as the central place to bring all your documents together.


And, that’s not all. We’ve made some new updates in ProofHub Notes to make them an exact fit for all your needs. Here’s a look at some of them:


  • Word Count

Now, you do not need a separate word count tool to check the number of words you’ve written. You can get the complete word count, along with character count.


Word Count in Notes in ProofHub


  • Spell Check

Now you can easily scan the text, and flag out words that are misspelled in Notes. So, there is no need to scan each sentence manually to avoid errors in your content and stress yourself.

Spell Check in Notes in ProofHub


  • Add Image

Now you can add images, and screenshots within Notes using the simple drag-drop functionality or with the right click of your mouse.


Add images in notes in ProofHub


  • Insert Table

You get the option to insert tables with any number of rows and columns in Notes. So, you can create detailed time plans, research reports, and a lot more all within ProofHub Notes.

 Insert tables in notes in ProofHub


  • Print

You can also print the final version of Note from within ProofHub. Just select the print option and get the note in printed form in an instant.

 Print your Notes in ProofHub


So, if you love using ProofHub but haven’t used the Notes section yet, it’s time to go ahead and check it out!

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