New in ProofHub: Workload reports to visualize work capacity of team members

Workload reports to visualize work capacity of team members

You can now use Workload reports to visualize and compare the capacity of your team members. So you can ensure that your team is neither overwhelmed nor underworked and also that projects are assigned to them accordingly. 

How do Workload reports help? 

Workload reports let one visualize who is working on what, when they are working on it and how much work do they have over time. Using this information, one can assign people where they are needed the most.

Creating a Workload report in ProofHub 

1. To create a Workload report in ProofHub, one needs to go the Reports section from the navigation bar and select to add a Workload report

2. Select the people whose details you want to visualize from the dropdown menu.

3. Select from the Duration options so that you can see workload over this month, next month or the dates of your choice i.e. custom. 

4. One can also choose if they want to include tasks that have no defined start or due date.

5. Visualize the following: 

  • Projects managed by the person(s) 
  • Progress of the projects managed by the person(s) 
  • The start and due dates of the projects managed by the person(s)
  • Time logged on the projects 
  • Tasks assigned to the person(s) 
  • The start and due dates of the tasks assigned to the person(s) 
  • Time logged on the tasks 
  • Overdue tasks highlighted in red

One can also download the workload reports to use them in meetings or however they want. And in case one wants to update them, they can also edit the workload reports to get the desired data.
When can Workload reports help? 
  • When one wants to visualize how much work is on a person’s plate (overworked or underworked) so they can plan ahead
  • When one needs to pick whom to assign tasks to by comparing workload among team members 
  • Or any situation when one needs to evaluate a team’s work capacity 

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