New in ProofHub: Bulk allocation

Bulk allocation

What do you do when you need to assign the work of one team member to another in bulk? Select each task, discussion or even a file one by one?  

It will be far easier to assign tasks or other work of one person to another in bulk, all at once. 

Now in ProofHub, instead of having to select tasks or other work stuff one by one, you can use Bulk allocation

Bulk allocation: Bulk allocation helps you assign and subscribe multiple tasks, files, discussions and notes of one person to another at once.

Using Bulk allocation in ProofHub 

Go to Manage > Bulk allocation

Bulk Allocation

Here’s what you get to choose: 

Projects: the items of which you want to assign or subscribe to another person. 

Then, choose among items – tasks, files, discussions, notes –  that you want to assign or subscribe.

It is your choice to replace the current assignee/subscriber with the new one or just add the person the current one. 

ProofHub is constantly finding ways to help you get work done faster, easier and smarter. 

Until the next update!

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