New in ProofHub: Make announcements and share updates

Make announcements and share updates

There are instances in an organization when you want to make announcements and share important information in a dedicated space. You may want to recognize a team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, wish on employees’ work anniversaries or even share information and updates that may not be project-specific but are still important. Making such announcements part of emails, discussions or chats doesn’t really grab the attention of one and all. The team may even miss out on information in the long threads.

As a part of easier, faster, and smarter user experience, ProofHub has come up with a dedicated space to make such announcements.

Adding an announcement

1. You can add an announcement by clicking on the speaker icon available in the topmost menu.

As soon as you click on the icon, you can:

2. Add a title to your announcement. For example: ‘Congratulations on promotion!’, ‘Good work on bringing the new project!’, ‘Appreciation for hard work!’, ‘Happy Birthday, Danial!’.

3. Add a description to your announcement.

4. Attach supporting images, files, documents, and more to your announcements.

5. Subscribe people to announcements and choose whom you want to show it and allow to collaborate on it by adding comments.

6. Set time duration and decide for how long you need the announcement to show and then disappear from the announcement board.


7. You can also know who all have seen the announcement in the list of subscribers.

Announcements can prove to be an effective way to motivate teams and make celebrations part of project management.

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