Introducing Custom Fields- An Easier Way to Customize and Present Information

custom fields

Every year, millions of businesses across the globe have to deal with distressing project failures, 

often wasting a lot of money, time, and effort on such projects. According to a study, around 39% of projects fail due to poor planning and mismanagement of resources. It is essential to have a clear picture of what your team is going to do and how things are going to look in advance. Or else, you’ll end up with your back to the wall.

I get it, it’s not easy. You have dozens of tasks to assign to your team members, keep an eye on every little detail of the project, keep track of how the work is progressing, make sure that every information is in the right place, and whatnot. No matter how hard you try, it literally becomes next to impossible to track and prioritize work effectively.

It gets really tough to keep track of all those details that are unique to your business and workflow as you have no idea where to store and manage all that information. You can spend your entire day figuring out different ways to manage and track all the information but without an organized way to do so, it will all go in vain.

Keeping track of every little piece of information has always been a big challenge for everyone.

You miss out on one little thing and your workflow ends up lacking necessary information. It would be a lie if I say that here at ProofHub, we do not struggle with the same issues. However, we try our level best to deal with them. 

And that is why ProofHub has come up with an all-new data customization feature: Custom Fields.

What are Custom Fields?

custom field

Custom fields are the descriptive spaces that help you store relevant project information, modify details according to your workflow, and better understand project requirements so that you can keep track of every little of your work and never miss out on anything important. 

Since every project is different and there is a need for a dedicated space to mention the information that is unique to your workflow or project. The default fields offered by various tools are not enough if you wish to fill in the details that are specific to your workflow or business. Therefore, ProofHub’s custom fields are quintessential to suit the specific needs of your projects and team.

Teams can create the following types of custom task fields:

  • Date
  • Currency
  • Percentage
  • Tags
  • Dropdown
  • Text
  • Text area
  • Numbers

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What Our CEO Has To Say About Custom Fields?

“It is quite tough for organizations to manage work across different teams and ensure that everyone stays on the same page. They have to juggle between different project management software, spreadsheets, emails and whatnot. It is nothing but busywork. Our goal has always been to be a central platform on which teams and organizations can rely to track and manage all of their work without any chaos.” Says Sandeep Kashyap, the Founder, and CEO of ProofHub

Sandeep further says “Whether it is a daily task management with clearly defined start and end dates, the on-going talent hiring process, resource allocation, or agile projects, You can easily track anything in ProofHub with the launch of all new Custom Fields.”

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Fields?

Custom fields help teams capture specific information pertaining to their project and configure tasks based on their project requirements.They are an efficient addition to everyday task management and provide you more flexibility to manage work in a way that best suits your business. 

Mentioned here are the main advantages of using custom fields in your project management.

  • Include Additional And Relevant Information

Custom fields allow you to include additional and relevant information that may be otherwise excluded if there were default or fixed fields. You can now easily store peculiar information by customizing details like currency, color, date, list, text, numbers, etc. and manage it all on a single window. 

  • Customize Your Projects

Using ProofHub’s custom fields for project management, you can seamlessly tailor your projects or workflow and define specific parameters by creating custom task fields based on your requirements. Easily  add, organize and visualize details that are unique and essential to your workflow.

  • Easily Categorize Your Projects

Custom fields are the easiest way to categorize your projects. They help you in  personalizing your projects as per the workflow, such as setting specific project statuses by creating a dropdown list. This helps in getting better clarity about work and leaves no room for confusion. 

  • Gain Better Insights 

With the help of ProofHub’s latest custom fields, you can effortlessly gain more insight into work progress and task requirements. Easily capture detailed task data like project status, stage, type, project risk, categorization, and more in one place and get an in-depth idea about the project status.

  • Prioritize Your Work

It will now be easier for you to access, filter and sort your tasks and let your team know which task is a priority and what needs to be done next because custom fields allow you to save information in a more structured way. 

  • Manage Budgets Better

Custom fields help you track budgets and costs that are related to your project or workflow. 

It is an efficient way to keep track of your finances and never go off track. Also, if you think such information is confidential, you can always define access to these fields and restrict the visibility to specific people to make sure your data is always in safe hands. 

  • Multiple uses

The best thing about custom fields is that they can be altered as per your needs and can store pivotal information. Their uses are not limited to particular project details. A single field can be used for multiple purposes for example, the number field can be used to track information like invoices, ticket numbers, budget, costs and more. Similarly, the dropdown field also has various uses like checking project status, setting priorities, phase, type and more. Therefore, every field has its own set of uses that can be used as per your requirement. 


The core benefit of custom fields is their flexibility and customizability. There are various project management tools that provide teams with fixed and default project management processes, without any room to flex and tailor things. 

When it comes to customization, ProofHub’s custom fields enable users to work on a variety of different projects without any chaos. Like mentioned above, from everyday basic task management to complex agile projects, you can literally track anything in ProofHub with the launch of all new Custom Fields. 

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