Task management

Task management

Efficient task management is the only difference between teams that succeed and the teams that don’t do well in their projects. Managers have been sticking to the traditional methods of task management like using pen and paper as well as emails for all these years. However, none of these systems is fool proof.

Let us first of all take a look at the common problems that teams (from all niches) have to face while managing their tasks -

  • Chaos in managing so many emails for content allocation and acknowledgement.
  • Poor clarity on who is supposed to do what as one can easily find oneself lost in the email tsunami.
  • A large number of hours wasted daily in sorting emails, acknowledging the work assigned and then reporting via emails.
  • Decreased efficiency in teams as a big chunk of the day is wasted in sorting the work allocation part rather than doing real work.

Such situation demands a powerful system that can bring teams and tasks at a central place. This is exactly what ProofHub does. ProofHub brings with it a powerful task management system that helps teams to stay on track and get their work completed in the most efficient possible manner.

Here is a look at some of the features that ProofHub’s task management system brings along -

Task lists

ProofHub task lists can work as the one place where you can allocate work to all your team members. Create a list of tasks for each individuals and add their daily, weekly or monthly tasks to it. While assigning tasks, you can make use of features like:

  • Private tasks - to maintain confidentiality at work
  • Subtasks - to break down large, complex tasks into smaller subtasks
  • Labels - to mark priority of tasks
  • Time estimates - to make sure that everyone sticks to the deadlines
  • Attach files - to explain the task in a better manner

The best part is that you even get the option to assign more than one individual on a single task.

For example you have a team of designers for a new designing project.

  • You can create a task list for the designer and add the task of creating the entire web design.
  • This task can further be divided into sub tasks like mock up design, banner design, home page layout and more.
  • For each task you can add an estimated time duration based on the timeline you have given to the client.
  • And, mark the urgent tasks as important using labels in our task management tool. Like the initial mock up must be delivered quickly for the project to progress further, so you can label it as important.
  • You can attach any reference images or web templates to give the designer a clear idea about what the client is expecting from the design.

Workflows and boards

Another option that ProofHub has got for teams is the option to create custom workflows and kanban boards. With the help of these boards, the manager can break down tasks into Stages and simplify the entire task management process.

For instance, here is how the basic workflow for daily tasks for any team could look like:

Ideas: To be done: In progress: In review: Completed

As a particular stage for the task is completed, it could be moved into the next stage and people assigned to that stage get notified so that they can begin to work on it.


Another exciting task management feature in ProofHub is the option to stay on top of tasks using the email-in feature when you cannot access the tool. You can copy the email-in address for each task list and use it to add tasks, post comments and manage them when you are simply out of options to access the tool. So, you can carry the work wherever you go!

For example - suppose you are out of the office for a meeting and client has asked you to suddenly make some changes in the design sample he needed from your team. He wants it done immediately and now you don’t have access to the tool. What you can do is simply add this urgent task using the email-in feature.

Time tracking

ProofHub comes with the option of time tracking to make sure that efficient task management is carried out. Team members track every minute they are spending while working on a task using the in-built timer or making manual time entries. The entire data is stored in insightful timesheets, which managers can use to measure the team performance and efficiency.

You can see that ProofHub has got some powerful features that can help teams to manage their tasks, bring sanity in their work-life and get more done without any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!