13 Key Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities

1. Plan Everything

The duties of a project manager in an organization include dividing projects into tasks, tasks into subtasks, setting project schedules, milestones, and minimizing task dependencies.

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3. Delegate Work

A major part of a project manager’s responsibilities is delegating work effectively. They must know the strengths and weaknesses of every team member before assigning them work.

5. Manage Deployment Deliverables

Of the many project management functions, this requires project managers to ensure that all projects are delivered by the team on time and within the set budget.

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6.  Monitor Progress

The project manager roles and responsibilities require them to monitor the status and progress of a project through It can be done through status reports, meetings, and updates.

7.  Daily Meetings

Project managers should have daily meetings of at least 15-minute to get task updates from the team. In the meeting, they should share guidelines regarding a new project.

8. Establish Clear Vision

A project manager should have a clear vision about a project’s goal and how to achieve it. They should also share it with the team to convert goals into a mission.

9. Manage Documents & Reports

A project manager should manage documentation and reports to help teams generate reports, know the project’s size and status, who’s doing what, and who reviewed them.

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10. Have a Plan B

Every project should be risk-proof with all progress saved. So, a project manager should be good at risk management and have a plan B to tackle unforeseen events and circumstances.

11. Have a Self- Governing Team

One of project manager roles and responsibilities is to create a self-governing team to deal with changes in client requirements, and work in multiple niches.

12. Have a Close-Knit Team

The project manager should ensure that team members trust each other. They need to give every team member daily feedback, streamline communication, and collaboration.

13. Coordinate With Client

During the last few years, the way project management was handled has changed drastically. But, so have the skills a project manager is expected to develop.

Must-Have Essential Skills for a Project Manager

1. Leadership Skills

Forming and leading the team of skilled professionals is something a project manager should know. They should possess knowledge of project management and leadership.

2. Communication Skills

A project manager should clearly communicate ideas, expectations, and project requirements to team members. For this, they should have sound communication skills.

Being a project manager means handling a lot of responsibility at once. Want to know how you can become one?