"Want to be among the 2% who succeed with their productivity?"

How To Be More Productive Without Stretching Yourself

1. Prioritize!

Priorities prevent you from overworking, and never get important tasks delayed!  Split your tasks into Do Now, Do Later, Delegate and Don't Do!

2. Time-box Your Tasks!

Delegate a fixed amount of time for every task. Use a time tracker to prevent overspending productive time!

Time-tracking is time-saving! Build timesheets, monitor productivity or bill hourly projects with extra ease.  Get started with ProofHub for free today!

3. Distract the Distractions!

Introduce policies for curbing such distractions or find a peaceful corner for yourself to gain your undivided focus!

4. Meet Later, Work Now!

Cut down on meetings that don't contribute to your productivity. Switch to meeting alternatives such as Chat, Slack or ProofHub!

5. Tr(eat) wisely!

Unhealthy eating habits kill your productivity. Stop snacking on sugary, processed foods and drinks at work!

6. Baby Steps to Self-improvement!

Productivity doesn't come naturally, it has to be cultivated. Devoting time to small but effective habits can change the game.

7. Goodbye Multitasking!

Multitasking can actually reduce productivity by as much as 40%. When it comes to work, it's best to handle one task at a time.

8. Steer Clear Of Micromanagement!

Let your employees off the micromanagement hook and witness how freedom changes productive habits!