How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Workplace

Plan a potluck to bring your team together and your potluck can have a variety of dishes depending on the type of event you have in mind.

1. Thanksgiving       Potluck at Workplace

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Why do you need to keep your gratitude to yourself when you have so much to be thankful for? Share with your coworkers what you are most grateful for.

2. Share the Message

If your team likes to participate in an event that is more focused on an active Thanksgiving party, you can plan a scavenger hunt.

3. Scavenger Pilgrimage

Invite a guest speaker to lead a gratitude workshop for your team to up the ante on Thanksgiving celebrations at your workplace.

4. Host a Gratitude      Workshop 

Present a challenge to each work group to decorate their respective area of the workspace to take your celebration to the next level.

5. Decorating with a      Thanksgiving Theme

Make appointments for a few sessions at a local DIY painting studio so that employees can take part in creating their own unique masterpiece.

6. Turkey Day Painting      Event

Until you start giving back, nothing can make you realize how much you have, so make it a priority for yourself to give back on Thanksgiving this year.

7. Together, Give Back

Let your team know how much you value them this Thanksgiving as a small token of employee appreciation can be a welcome surprise for them.

8. Express Your      Gratitude to Your      Staff

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There are Thanksgiving crafts for adults as well as children, so getting along with your team is easy when you work on a project together.

9. Together, Create a      Thanksgiving Craft

Friday and Wednesday can be added as paid holidays for your team members as many people would already likely take the day off.

10. Offer Paid Holidays        on Wednesday and        Friday

If you don't like potlucks, you can have a "campfire" party during lunch to make it more enjoyable by offering s'mores and hot chocolate.

11. Have a "Campfire"        Party During Lunch

A creative idea to feast is to arrange a tailgate party to celebrate Thanksgiving at work this year and there is no shortage of mouthwatering dishes also.

12. Plan a Tailgate        Party

If you want everyone to have full entertainment, you can watch Thanksgiving movies or TV shows to feel the Thanksgiving spirit!

13. Watch a Thanksgiving        Movie or TV Show        Together

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