8 Best Note Taking Apps To Try In 2022

ProofHub’s notes are easy to use with an intuitive interface which can help users easily jot down information and access it at any given moment.

1. ProofHub:

2. Evernote

Evernote is an application designed exclusively for note taking, task management, and organizing important information.

3. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Onenote is an easy to navigate application that allows users to revise, highlight, as well as annotate their notes.

4. Nifty

Create notes and docs for all your projects without having to switch between tools and access the information at any time with Nifty.

5. Slite

Easily share, store, and collaborate on key information with a great project and team management tool, Slite.

6. Notion

Notion allows users to jot down key details in a clean, uncluttered space, and access the same whenever they want without any hassle.

7. Zoho Notebook

As the name suggests, Zoho notebook is a note taking application that allows users to create and store unlimited notes and notebooks in the cloud.

8. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper is a cloud based notes and document workspace that helps one organize and display all important information from a common platform.