Best Asana Alternatives In 2022

ProofHub is a project management and team collaboration tool that helps teams manage tasks efficiently in comparison to Asana that lacks the core features of task management.

1. ProofHub

LiquidPlanner is a high-end project management tool that helps teams streamline tasks and maximize everyday productivity.

2. LiquidPlanner

A feature-rich project management platform that helps teams manage tasks, allocate work, and deliver timely results.


Befitting for all teams and project sizes, Project Insight is a user-friendly tool that allows users to manage projects from a central place.

4. Project Insight

Samepage is a top collaboration tool that helps teams collaborate on files, videos, conversations, and other important information in one place.

5. Samepage

ProProfs is a highly cost-effective and efficient project management tool that helps teams across the globe perform better.

6. ProProfs

Getflow gives users an easy way out of project management problems and with its wide range of features it helps teams achieve success.

7. Getflow

TaskQue is a high end project management tool that automatically assigns tasks on the basis of workload.

8. TaskQue