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The definition of success varies from person to person. What does not vary is the fact that we need to define, report and track certain factors that define success. This can turn out to be a big challenge as without proper project tracking and reporting you cannot judge success or failure of a project or your team.

Here’s a look at some of the common problems that teams have to face when it comes to reporting and tracking success at different levels -

  • No defined reporting metrics
  • Time consumed in sharing daily status reports
  • Confused reporting structure
  • And, many other such issues

What all this means is that teams must have a tool that can help with reporting and analysis. This is exactly where ProofHub comes into the picture. Here is a look at how our tool can help you and your team with tracking and reporting -

Simplified view of all your project numbers (Project reports)

One of the first things that you will notice in ProofHub Reports is that it gives you a clear representation of all your project data. With Project reports you get to know everything that’s happening in the projects. The number of open tasks, due tasks, milestones and all the important information that can play role in success of a project - everything is available under one roof.

Two of the most useful features that you will get as part of the Project reports are -

Slipping projects

One of the most challenging things in project tracking is to know where is the lag. This is where slipping projects can be the best friend. Slipping projects give you information about the projects that are running behind deadlines. Whether it is due to missed tasks, milestones or any other reason - you can figure it out and iterate the plans to get projects delivered on time.

Project progress snapshot

How much progress has been made in a project? With ProofHub's online tracking software you don't need to run to your teams or ask them for status reports every now and then. Project progress snapshot paints a clear picture of whatever is happening in the project. You can employ more resources, or whatever is needed to bring the projects on track that are lagging behind.

For example, when your team is working on more than one projects at a time it becomes important to keep an eye on what’s going on in each project. You can use these Project reports to see the status of each project. For instance, if the website development task is stuck in one project or any other task is going beyond deadline in another project, you can get to see it clearly in these project reports and take action accordingly.

A clear picture of how tasks are progressing (Task reports)

The one factor that plays a massive role in the successful completion of a project is the completion of tasks on time. Most of the managers rely on getting daily updates from team members to know which tasks are done, and which are under progress or pending. But, with ProofHub's Task reports you don't need to waste time checking out the status mails from different team members.

With Task reports in ProofHub you get to know about -

Task progress - How many tasks are done? How many are pending? How many of them are overdue? Get to know it all using Task reports in ProofHub's tracking tool. Based on all this data, you can eventually plan the projects better and work towards efficient utilization of the resources.

Milestone reports - We all know that breaking down tasks into milestones can help up in completion of the projects faster. But, how to keep track whether the team is reaching those milestones on time or not? This is exactly what Task reports in our task tracking tool help you with. You can get to know about the milestones that have been reached, and the ones that are still overdue to get a better idea about the status of projects.

Burn up charts - In the simplest of words, burn up charts represent the number of tasks completed against the number of tasks in total that have been assigned. This helps in better understanding of whether the rate at which tasks are being completed is sufficient to deliver the project on time or not?

Get to know who is doing what and when (Resource reports)

The most important factor in the success / failure of the project is how the utilization of resources. Resource reports in ProofHub help managers to get a clear picture of how well the resources are being used. The best part is that you can get a complete breakdown of resource reports for each individual.

For example - If you have one of your team members working on designing task, while the other on content creation and the third one on marketing, you can get to know about how many tasks for each of these team members is pending, and how many have been completed. So, this can help you in better planning and efficient work distribution as you get to know which resource has how much work on the platter.

Is everyone making right use of their time? (Time reports)

Time is the most important resource for every team. But keeping track of who is spending how much time at a task, and is he or she making the most of the available eight hours at work - this is the big question that needs an answer. With ProofHub Time reports you will no longer need to track manually the working hours of each individual. All their time data can be visualized quite clearly in Time reports.

From comparing the real time spent on tasks with the estimated time to everything else related to the time data - Time reports bring all these numbers right at one place. So, you don't need to sorry about gathering all the data for crunching numbers and evaluate the team performance. A mere glance at the Reports gives you a clear idea about everything.

For example, suppose your content team has been awarded a project of working 60 hours per week by the client. You can use these time reports to not just keep an eye on whether those hours being spent wisely working on the tasks or not, and at the same time use the data to bill the clients in an easy and quick manner as well.

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