Use ProofHub: Important time management tips for students


Nick Antonio of Queen’s College on how ProofHub helps him collaborate with his friends and keep track of all their projects:

During our final year, we had to finish a lot many projects and compile the ones already done. Each time we did a project, we faced goofups and always ended up missing on one task or the other. Collaborating, so as to keep everyone on the same page was, yet another major issue. If I was heading a project, I could only stay in touch with one person at a time, while the others kept doing their stuff without having adequate knowledge about the same. Each time there was an assigned task, I had to shoot several emails back and forth to all my mates gathering word docs, images, sharing files, etc. Also I had to mention names specifying who is doing what and by when is that task expected to be completed. It was so cumbersome, and I was too much involved in the overall managing process, that all my tasks were lagging behind.

Then one fine day, I came across a write up about time management tips for students, where ProofHub was also listed. I decided to give it a shot, by opting for their free trial. And what happened in the following days was phenomenal. I could easily make task lists, assign various tasks to my team, set start and due date, write notes and have my mates comment on them in real-time. And to top it all, we could collaborate with so much ease with the super feature of chat and discussions. The ideas could flow seamlessly, and images and documents could be easily shared. I was spellbound to say the least, to see all these features and many more in one single tool. Name a feature, and they had it to make time management and collaboration easier for students.

And what’s best, is that they believe in acquiring a committed fan base, reason being they are offering the free trial. As they want that only those who find that it works like magic, pay for it. Trust me, we completed all my projects in less than half the time as I did when we did not have ProofHub. Not only that, using ProofHub has helped us develop skills like planning, clear communication, dispute resolution, and deadline-driven teamwork. Over the time we have used it for all our projects we learnt to pay close attention to deadlines, milestones and take responsibility for any delay.

Thanks to ProofHub, easy to use time management software for students, we have learned the importance of planning and managing meaningful projects. We’ll be delighted to sign up for the paid version and highly recommend it to all those who feel that it is just for corporates and mid-sized companies. Using ProofHub is definitely one of the most important tip of all the time management tips for students listed on web.