Manage projects with ProofHub mobile while on the move


ProofHub is well optimized to work on mobile devices. To use it on your mobile, just type in your account URL and log in to your ProofHub account using your mobile browser. It works great on any smartphone.


In ProofHub Mobile, initially you’ll come across the “All Projects” screen. This is where you are shown the list of projects that you are associated with. This also tells you about when was the last activity done or if any update is available on the project and who has done it in the first place. So, as soon as you enter the app, you get a quick overview of what is happening. After you select a particular project, you are able to manage the activity sections associated with the project selected.


This is the section where you will be managing all your discussions and topics. Here you can post messages/comments on a particular topic. This is more like a centralized emailing thread system where all the messages within a single topic are kept under one thread.


Adding a New Topic: Here you can easily create a new topic under the discussions section and can start the discussion. You can also mark the topic as private and it will be visible only to the people associated with it. While adding a topic, you have a quick option to manage people using which you can add the people who needs to be teamed up for the topic, and you are done. Thus, anyone who comments also stays in touch with everyone on the topic.



The next activity section that you have in ProofHub Mobile is the to-do’s section. Here you can add to-do lists and can organize tasks/items under those lists. To-do lists gives you a quick and clear view of the number of to-do’s completed for the specific to-do list in a Bar-O-Meter style and also the due dates of one or more to-do lists are highlighted.

Add / Edit to-do list: You can add / edit a to-do list and can manage all your to-do tasks/items under that, afterwards. While adding/editing the to-do list, you can define the type of list and can set the due date for that. When the due date has been set, you will get an option to receive a reminder in form of an email 48 hours before the due date. Select this option. You will be reminded about the deadline a bit earlier. So you never miss a deadline.


While adding/editing to-do list, you can also manage the people that need to be assigned, by clicking on the button "Save & Add People".

You can check-off a task/item, to mark it as completed, and your Bar-O-Meter will be updated automatically. You can manage the people on a task/item by adding/editing or by the direct link in front of the task/item. You can post the comments on the tasks/items as messages which allows everyone who is assigned with the task, stay connected to every message or information posted.



At last, you’ll come across the “Milestones” section which is also a very important section. It is yet another feature which enhances this collaborative tool. Your milestones are automatically categorized into “Today, Upcoming, Late and Completed”. If you check-off a milestone to mark it as completed, it will automatically shift over to the “Completed” category.


Add/Edit Milestone: You can add/edit a milestone and can set the due date for that. Along with that, you can also check off its status to mark it as completed. Similar to the other sections, you can manage the people assigned with the milestone while adding/editing the milestone or from a direct link available with the milestone.


Keeping in mind the user experience, usability and the need for saving time of users, we have built a functionality wherein on browsing through, you can shuffle between all the three sections with just one click from the drop-down available at the top. So you need not click time and again to be back.