How ProofHub aligns travel and hospitality teams in one direction?

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The aim of people working in hospitality industry is to make guest feel welcomed when they approach them. But, how can they make the guests feel welcomed when they themselves are in a fix of having more on their platter than they can eat?

This is usually what happens when teams working in this industry don't have a system in place to manage their tasks, or they rely entirely on emails to do the job. This is exactly why they need ProofHub. As a project management tool ProofHub brings amazing features that can help teams working in travel and hospitality industry to stay sane.

Here is a look at what those features are -

A central place to bring all the people together (People and Roles)

Running a travel business requires synergy between different departments. Not only do you have to set up a team who can take care of the travel bookings of your customers, but you also need people who can handle the hotel reservations, and other itineraries as well. When there are so many people are working together, keeping their efforts in sync can be a big challenge; especially if you do not use a project management software for travel industry like ProofHub.

With ProofHub you can, first of all, bring together your entire team. Once they are on board you can assign them Custom Roles. Based on the role they play in your agency, you can limit their access to the sections which are relevant to them. So, there is no confusion regarding who gets to access what.

Plan daily activities for everyone (Task Management)

Planning is a big part of running a successful business. And, travel industry is no different. With our online project management software for travel companies, everyone can plan their daily, weekly and even monthly activities. With the easy to use Task management system in our project management tool for travel agencies you can create Task lists for your team members.

In fact, each team member can create his or her personal task list to keep a record of how the entire day is to be managed, which tasks are of top-priority and similar other factors.

Create actionable marketing strategies (Workflows and Boards)

Assigning tasks is one aspect of getting things done, but have a well structured actionable plan for how you and the team are going to approach their entire day is even more important. This is where Workflows and kanban boards in ProofHub prove to be the saviors. With the help of these boards you can move tasks through Stages. Here is a small example -

Travel tickets: Arranging for stay: Itineraries: Return tickets

Each booking task can be divided into these stages. And, all of them are interdependent. Only once the travel tickets are confirmed will you go ahead and book the hotels. Similarly, based on the location of hotel you will have to plan further itineraries. As each step of the entire process is completed, team members can move the task to subsequent stage making sure the entire process keeps working smoothly.

Keep all the customer information handy (Notes)

Every customer that comes to you for booking their trip is unique. You need to keep their unique needs always within your reach. This is where Workflows and kanban boards in ProofHub prove to be the saviors. With the help of these boards you can move tasks through Notes in ProofHub's project management tool for travel agencies can be your best friend.

You can create notes for each of your clients, jot down their specific requirements in them, color code them to keep them segregated and use them whenever you need to check anything related to the client. The best part is that you can share these notes with anyone in your team with just a single click. So, whenever someone needs to access information about a particular client, they can get it all available at one place; stored neatly in notes.

Brainstorm and communicate without any limitations (Chat and Discussions)

There is a lot of buzz and chirping going around when you are working in teams. Quick questions related to booking details, some confusion of schedules and what not - discussing all this face-to-face can kill quite a lot of time of the day. But ProofHub ends all this. With Online discussions and Group chat in ProofHub you can bring end to the chaos in managing these meetings and quick conversations. You get a central place where all your communication and collaboration problems can come to end.

Have all the dates specified (Calendar)

Setting up the right date for everything is one of the most important aspects of travel planning and running a travel company. With Calendar in ProofHub you can eventually do all this easily. Plan trips for your clients, and mark their dates within the Calendar. In fact, you can create an event for the beginning day of the trip for each client. By doing so you will never miss out maintaining a record of which client is scheduled to start their trip when.

Simplify the marketing efforts (Files and Online Proofing)

Moving from the planning trips and creating client itineraries, for marketing and promoting your business. ProofHub helps you bring all your marketing efforts under one roof. Bring all the marketing collateral materials like brochures, templates, web graphics, PDFs and more at a central place in ProofHub files. And, share feedback on these marketing materials using Online proofing tool.

This project management software for travel agencies works as the complete tool to manage clients, teams, and business operations as well. You don't need to rely on multiple tools for managing all this stuff.

Special privilege to stay on top of everything

Just to make sure that things are always under your ultimate control you get the option of assigning a Project manager in ProofHub. This project manager gets superpowers like real-time updates, project progress reports and more to make sure that everything is running smooth in the processes at your travel agency.

And, an option to simply OWN IT like a BOSS!

To help you get a more personal feeling while using ProofHub, it comes with the option of white labeling. What this means is that you can set a custom theme, create a custom domain name for your account, add a color your choice and even upload your business photo in the account as well. So, you can give this project management tool for travel agencies a look and feel of your business.

Not to forget that you can keep an eye on everything and manage your teams on the go with our powerful app for both Android as well as iOS. So, are you ready to bring sanity in your travel business?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!