Streamlining project management in Telecom


It is no wonder that telecom sector is amongst the largest and most rapidly growing sectors in the market these days. Accordingly, the projects involved in telecom sector are generally large scale projects with high budget scale. Also, there is involvement of high level stakeholders such as government bodies. Managing such vast projects can be a heft job for project managers in the telecommunications field. This creates the need for an organized and advanced solutions that can systematize disparate people involved in the projects and also caters to their individual roles and responsibilities.

1. Collaboration

Communications projects generally involve people from far off locations, which means people collaborate from different geographical regions in addition to people working and communicating within the same physical office. And with this, differences in time zones and dialects also arise. This makes it important for the project manager to collaborate and communicate with team members much more efficiently.

ProofHub offers you the tools to connect, talk, share and discuss your project matters with anyone in the team, anywhere, anytime. Here are a few inbuilt collaboration tools:

  • Discussions : Much like the threaded email conversations, but without any clutter. Simply post a topic and start discussion with the required team members.
  • Notes : Whether you want to store ideas at one place, or you need to write and share important points of your projects with the team, ProofHub Notes are just the way to go. Write text, insert images, format content, add comments and organize notes as per your need.
  • Chat : Meetings are an inevitable part of projects but when when team members are apart from each other, conducting meetings becomes a big hassle.

2. Resource management

Large scale projects generally involve more tasks, modules and people. Thus it is difficult to keep track of who is doing what or whether your resources are being utilized efficiently or not. And if ignored, this may lead to poor performance which ultimately affects your project goals.

However, ProofHub resolves this problem completely by providing a myriad of useful tasks for resource management, as described below:

  • Tasks, subtasks and to-do lists : Categorizing the different modules of your project as tasks and dividing each module into separate jobs as subtasks and assigning them to respective members of the team can simplify work distribution and execution.
  • Reports : ProofHub reports are designed and developed keeping in mind the cruciality of time for both employees and managers. When using ProofHub, individuals of the team need not to waste hours on mapping reports, as these reports are automatically generated based on the available project metrics. managers can view project progress.
  • Gantt charts : Whether it is about planning projects in accordance with time, resources, number of tasks, Gantt chart is the best tool to achieve maximum success. With a visual representation of your project tasks displayed against time, you can easily create a balance between resources to deliver project on time.
  • Time sheets : Keeping an eye on who spent how much time and on what can help in better tracking resources’ performance and time. Also, if there’s need to inform clients about time spent on different tasks, ProofHub timesheets are a lot useful.

3. Permissions

At times, the need is to keep a part of the project data to be shared among specific members of the team and kept confidential from others. ProofHub allows you to put permissions on every activity you do. Here are some points for your consideration:

  • Discussions can be made private by subscribing only the preferred people.
  • Tasks, subtasks and to-do lists can be made private.
  • Events and milestones can be made private.

Casper : Hiding one’s actual identity

If you wish to hide your team members’ original identities from your clients who are added into your ProofHub projects, then casper mode is the best way to do so. It allows you to assign alias names to the team members of your choice and only those moderated names would be visible to the clients.

4. Multi-project platform

ProofHub being a project management software lets you create/add and handle multiple projects simultaneously from a single platform. So whether your need is to manage one project or multiple projects, you can simply create as many as you want, within a single application.

5. Documentation

ProofHub enables you to upload, share and store documents, images in a centralized files section. Also, documents and designs can be proofed using the inbuilt proofing tool which makes reviewing process a lot more quick and easier.

From establishing networks to operations and maintenance phases, a project management software is essential for the telecom companies to keep projects streamlined. Get your free trial today!