ProofHub for travel and hospitality industry

travel industry

Being one of the most dynamic sectors in the market, the travel and hospitality industry is predicted to expand by 4.4% annually, according to a report given by world travel and tourism council. As this industry is all about customer service and is known for enhancing lives, it is expected to be ultra responsive.

Customers today seek personalized travel experiences, which means one has to offer not one but many options to meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, it is essential for any business to adapt its working units according to the latest trends.

Redefine your business model

With the increased penetration of internet into daily human life, majority of customers now prefer online travel bookings. Therefore, to pace up with the modern travel industry, you need to set an online mechanism to align your projects and thus your business.

Inculcating a project management and collaboration tool like ProofHub can help a lot in systematizing and unifying your workflow. Here we will discuss some scenarios where travel and hospitality businesses need to get organized and manage itself more effectively, and how ProofHub can be of great help.

For a manager in the travel and hospitality industry, it is important to know what is going to happen on a given day. Not only it is helpful in solving problems that occur on daily basis, but also helps in identifying potential complications beforehand. Using ProofHub,

  • You can plan your daily, monthly and yearly tasks and can revise them whenever required.
  • Tasks can be further divided into subtasks to create a WBS
  • Tasks responsibilities can be assigned to team members

Developing marketing plans

Due to globalization it is important for a business to reach its customers traversing the regional and national boundaries. Planning your marketing strategies and creating an outline of how things will execute should be done effectively. Moreover, your team should be clear with marketing objectives and deliverables. And this is where ProofHub discussions can be of great benefit. Topics which need immediate attention and discussion can be raised and participating team members can share their thoughts in one place making a thread, which can be referred to at any time during implementation of those plans.

Serving your customers:

If you are a travel agency then you must be having contacts with hotels, travel agents, travel airlines, car rental services, touring guides, cruise operators, etc. This is specifically helpful in peak season when bulk tickets have to be booked for various touring parties coming from various locations and having entirely different preference when it comes to travel arrangements. Preparing lists of all the contractors and updating them time to time can be done using ProofHub notes. Every time you need to update the list, you can simply edit, delete or manage people to keep the information intact and accurate.

Seamlessly scheduling your guests’ trips, tours and journeys is only possible if your customer department and operations are up-to-date with the schedule. As there are several things to take care of such as travel, stay, sightseeing, etc. so rather than sending emails back and forth, you can add your clients to your ProofHub account to share details of different destinations, by:

  • Simply upload photographs in the files section
  • Solve their queries and give advice anytime through chat
  • Share any kind of information through notes

Therefore with ProofHub, all the tasks associated with customer service can be handled with utmost ease by collaborating with all the related parties easily and efficiently.

Proofing designs

Travel agencies can collaborate with various organizations in print media regarding the kind of advertisement they wish to publish. They can show the ad design that they wish to publish and get instant feedback on them using the proofing feature. Thus, it ensures that the long thread of back and forth emails gets eliminated along with the confusion, contradiction and the unnecessary delay. Thus enabling you to get the required ad published on time to get maximum mileage of it in form of customers.

Therefore using ProofHub, a travel and tourism company can manage various facets of its work to streamline various processes involved in its proper functioning. This shall assure them that behind the scene activities are happening smoothly. Thus allowing them enough time to engage with customers and finding various ways to improve and improvise their service to remain at the top of their game.