ProofHub: Project management software for construction

construction industry

Nowadays, with the growing economy there is rampant increase in urbanization. By this, I mean advancement in infrastructure i.e. building of roads, flyovers, bridges, development of land for residential and commercial purposes. All this has led to noticeable growth in the construction industry as well.

Being multidimensional in nature, this industry has several facets that vary from building roads, flyovers, bus stands, airports to building residential societies, mansions, apartments, independent houses, etc. Usually, most of the work that is done for infra development and commercial purpose is large scale and are turn-key projects. These projects take considerable amount of time to get completed and also involve a huge amount of monetary investment.

Another aspect of this industry is building of residential areas/societies, houses, mansions, apartments etc. Now, these may not be as big as the turn-key projects but these happen in larger count and that too in quick succession. Also, this aspect involves dealing in both B2B and B2C scenarios, so stakes are also pretty high as one satisfied client can lead to increase in clientele manifolds. But in case, a project fails then it can cause some serious damage to the reputation as we all know that “bad news spreads like wildfire”.

Now to avoid such detrimental effects, one needs to streamline processes involved in managing a construction project. For it, we need to zoom inside the project to see what all is involved in it.

A construction project, lets say construction of an independent residential place, can be broadly divided into three parts – Foundation, external and internal. Also, one can easily notice that it involves individuals having different expertise like masons, foremen, electricians, architects, supervisors, carpenters, interior designers and even sub-contracted people. So, it is evident from this fact that collaboration, communication and delegation is of foremost importance for successful completion of the project.

Manage construction projects smoothly

Therefore, to streamline these three facets, on which the success or failure of a project depends, I think technology in form of a construction project management software i.e. ProofHub can play a big part. So, if we take a project management tour of ProofHub, we can see how it helps in streamlining processes.

In ProofHub, one can create different groups to add people into them representing experts with different skillsets. The below mentioned screenshot gives a fair idea about it.

user group

In this screenshot, as we can clearly see that the whole construction team has been added to ProofHub and divided into small groups. It has been done to delegate the tasks in an easy manner. Although, all groups are dependent on each other for the output, but to maximize the productivity, whole team has been divided categorically.

Once the whole team has been added, the next step is to assign tasks to the groups. By assigning the tasks, one can easily set the responsibility of that particular task along with starting date and due date.

to do list

Above screenshot illustrates to-do lists of a construction company. It has many to-do lists like design, foundation, concrete slabs, external works and internal works. For instance, if we look at internal work to-do list, it has all the tasks and subtasks lined up.

All the tasks have been assigned to the respective team members. For instance, masonry work has been assigned to masons and one of the engineer. Likewise, carpentry work has been assigned to carpenters. Now, every task has a person responsible for its completion and that too within a certain duration of time. Owner can also be added, so that he can supervise all the progress and can give an instant feedback.

Once task delegation has been finished, next step is to discuss things and collaborate on plan. To initiate a project and then lead it to success, it should be backed by strong planning. “Discussions” is one such feature in ProofHub where every team member can participate in planning and organizing work. Here is an example of how a construction team has used discussions to plan work:


In discussions, document sharing can also be done. Like here, the design and layout files have been shared with the group. Whole team can see the designs and can share their feedback.

When it comes to design, “Proofing Tool” is another intuitive feature in ProofHub which is very helpful for designers. Designers can share the designs with approving authority and can receive instant feedback. It is helpful in altering the designs as per the need of the concerned person

Here is an example of proofing a design. Map of the house has been shared with the owner. Now, owner can tell the designer what else he wants in the design using this simple proofing tool. It creates a hassle-free environment for the designers.


Another challenge with a construction project is to deliver the project on due date for which tracking projects’ progress is vital. To accomplish both these tasks, a project management software for construction with Gantt chart feature is an ideal solution. Gantt charts give a complete view of the project. You can track the progress with respect to time and one can easily comprehend whether the project is on time or not. Following is an example of the tasks listed in a Gantt chart:

gantt charts

Suppose, electrical wiring and HVAC are dependent tasks, then we can create dependencies between these tasks. The progress shown by the Gantt chart will be the combination of both these tasks. It effectively boosts productivity as well.

We all use calendars for organizing our schedule. A calendar can also be used in managing the big construction projects. One can create milestones here. By just getting a single look of the calendar, one can find which tasks are listed for this month and what are the events that have to be completed. It’s always great to plan things and organize work for the forthcoming events and tasks. A calendar helps in doing this. This is an example how a construction company has used the calendar in organizing the project:


This is how ProofHub can be used by construction teams to plan, organize and deliver projects and makes working together an easier and productive task. Try it for free!