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Non Profit

Work becomes even more fun when you know you are doing it for a good cause. This is the reason that working for Nonprofit Organizations is such a great career option. However, all this does not mean that managing everything that teams at these organization handle is simple. There is so much to do and so many things to manage that life can be quite stressful for someone working as part of such organizations. But, a powerful project management software for nonprofits like ProofHub can bring balance and harmony amidst all the chaos that teams working at NPOs have to face.

Here is how -

One place for all your causes (Projects and People)

Non-profit organizations are always involved in so many good causes, and there are always so many teams and volunteers involved. It can be quite difficult to keep a documented record of so many people using the traditional pen and paper. But, with ProofHub things become quite streamlined.

You can create a Project for each cause, and add relevant people in the project. You can assign a Custom role to each of these individuals in each project so that they have clarity over what they are supposed to do. By assigning custom roles you can also make sure that they have access to only those sections which are relevant to them. So, they don't have to worry about getting lost in information overdose.

Plan your causes (Online discussions and Group chat)

How are teams going to work for each cause? This is a BIG question. But with ProofHub's Online discussions each person designated the role to lead the team can bring all the people involved together at a central place. Just create a topic for whatever needs to be discussed and start brainstorming. The threaded comments in discussions mean that anyone can join in between the discussion and be part of it.

There is an amazingly handy in-built Group chat tool as well. So, in case you need to communicate a quick message or need a quick Yes or No from someone, you can just drop a message rather than having to visit the team member in person. This saves quite a lot of time.

Work in a flow (Workflows and Kanban boards)

Just like any other organization, non-profits also need to maintain a system for working. This is where the super simple Workflows and kanban boards in our project management software for nonprofits comes into the picture. It allows you to break down tasks into Stages so that you can easily complete complex tasks.

For example, suppose you are going to organize a fundraiser. You can create a workflow for this task as

Planning: To be executed: Day of the event: Delivery

You can see how easily, you can break down the tasks for organizing a fundraiser into stages and bring clarity in the way teams are doing their work.

Make communication clear and effortless (Group Chat)

Communication forms the lifeline of any organization. And, non-profits are no different. With ProofHub's in-built Group chat everyone associated with the non-profit can eventually communicate effortlessly. From sharing quick information about any of the causes or campaigns to getting a quick yes from the decision makers and everything else that requires communication between team members, you can get it all done from one place with ProofHub.

Bring your events, schedules and meetings at one place (Calendar)

ProofHub Calendar brings together all your schedules and meetings at one place. You don't have to rely on various applications or online calendar software in order to maintain all this. With ProofHub Calendar you can even mark your important events and set reminders for them. As a matter of fact you can even set milestones for important tasks and make sure that you never miss out on important dates and run your causes on the right track.

Track and measure the team's performance (Reports)

Without proper reporting you can never judge the performance of a team. The same holds true for non-profits as well. With Reports in ProofHub you can get access to Project reports, Resource reports and Time reports. As the names suggest, these reports give a clear picture of how you various causes are making progress, how teams are performing and how efficiently are the teams using their time.

For instance, you need to keep record of how many hours did an employee spend during the fundraiser? How much funds did he or she collect? And, how did the team perform during the entire fundraising event? All this can be easily tracked down using Reports in ProofHub.

Quickly jot down and gather information (Notes and Files)

There are beautiful and easy-to-use Notes in ProofHub. There is no need to rely on third party apps or various software in order to take notes and jot down information when you need. Anyone can simply create a Notebook, and then organize notes in it to keep all the information neatly organized. These notes can be shared with other team members with just a single click, and that makes it easy to collaborate over information without any hassle.

Just for the sake of example, suppose there are some changes in the event schedule and planning. So, you can simply jot down those changes in a Note and share it with the relevant people. There will be no confusion and no hassle.

Plus, the fact that you can upload and store all your Files in ProofHub makes it just the complete tool that non-profits or any organization for that matter. To make things better, there is also the option to access all the files stored across third party applications like DropBox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive as well. So, you don't have to keep your stuff scattered; rather everything comes together at one place.

And, there are these beautiful and highly useful Quickies as well. These quickies work as your sticky notes, which you can use to keep all the quick information handy. For instance, you are on a call with the client and he shares some information. Rather than running everywhere for a pen and paper to jot it down, you can simply create a quicky and save it right there.

A great thing about quickies is that you can add Notes, Task lists as part of the quickies and access them without having to jump into the lists.

Have a SUPERMAN for the team (Project Manager)

ProofHub lets you assign a Project manager who gets the superpowers to keep an eye on everything without putting too much of an effort. The Project manager gets to see real time updates for everything that's happening in a project. And, also the project progress reports that allows him or her to keep things always under ultimate control, and even plan and iterate strategies in projects before things slip into the cracks.

White label it and have all the fun!

ProofHub's project management software comes with the option of White labeling. You can add a custom logo, create a custom domain name, set a custom theme and even pick a color to personalize your ProofHub account. So, you can convert into a tool that looks and feels just like your brand.

We offer special discounts for non-profits

We know that as a non-profit organization you are doing your best in making the world a better place to live. This is the reason that we are doing our best to help you and support your cause. As part of our effort to support your cause, we offer a special discount of 20% on monthly billing and 20% + 10% on annual billing on all ProofHub plans.

All these points clearly reflect how ProofHub's project management tool for non profits can actually make them work effectively and help them solve the puzzles that they have been struggling with.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!