How ProofHub helps health care teams become more efficient


Healthcare industry means serious business. Professionals working in hospitals are responsible for lives of people. They are the ones considered second to God thanks to their noble profession. Everyone looks at the good side, the fame and the amazing work that they do.

But, did you ever wonder how chaotic it could be track details of so many patients coming in and going out of the hospital every day? This is the reason that these professionals need a system to bring everything under one roof.

Let’s take a look at how ProofHub’s project management software for hospitals make life easy for people involved in healthcare industry -

Manage different departments without any confusion

It’s not just about getting a team of doctors and nurses together. Each healthcare facility includes various departments. As the manager of the facility, you can create separate Projects for each department, assign people from their specific department and manage them all from a single place.

For instance, one project could be ‘Medical’, another could be ‘Administration’, another one could be ‘Payroll’ and more.

Bring all the staff members at one place

One of the many challenges, apart from dealing with the trauma-stuck patients, that people managing healthcare facilities have to face daily is to manage the how, what and when for each patient. This is where Task management feature comes in handy.

As a manager of the facility you can bring all your staff members at one central place with ProofHub. Create custom roles, based on their expertise. A great thing about Custom roles in ProofHub is that it allows you to limit the access of people to specific areas of their relevance. So, they don’t get flooded with irrelevant information. It’s like ProofHub gives them their personal workspace where they can access only that information which is important and related to their KRAs.

Keep record of their daily activities (Task management)

Our project management software for healthcare teams also comes in handy to manage the daily activities for team members. There are so many patients being treated at medical facilities. Keeping a record of which patients needs to be attended at what time, their medication schedule, daily checkups and more can prove be a cumbersome task if done on pen and paper.

With ProofHub it becomes fairly easy to track and manage all that in a breeze. As the manager of the facility you can create schedule for patient visits, and appointments for each doctor. Clearly define that a particular doctor in the team has ‘X’ patient appointments, ‘Y’ number of routine checkup patients and ‘Z’ surgeries to undertake.

Similarly, the daily work routine of each staff member can be scheduled and managed using the Task management tool in ProofHub.

Scheduling patient meetings, lectures and all other important work

Treating and visiting patients is just one aspect of the job of a doctor. In reality, they are humbled by so many tasks that it can be impossible to manage it all without a scheduler. And, this is exactly what ProofHub Calendar can work as for them.

From adding Events to calendar to setting reminders for important meetings and planning their activities - ProofHub helps them do it all from one place. As a matter of fact, they can synchronize their Google Calendar and iCal with ProofHub calendar to bring all their personal appointments and schedules at one place.

Easily store all the patient information (notes and files)

Safely storing patient information is one of the most critical aspects of the functioning of a health care facility. With Notes in our project management software for hospitals you can easily create notes and store them in an organized format in notebooks. You can color code these notebooks for different patients so that they can be easily identified when you need to access them quickly.

Similarly staff members from other departments can also store their important information in notes and keep it all secured. ProofHub works as the central reservoir where all the important information related to the facility can be brought together at one place. The best part is that in case you have information scattered across different platforms like Google Drive, Box, DropBox or OneDrive, you can access them all from within ProofHub. So there is no need to maintain your patient records scattered all over the place.

On top of all this, you can share these notes with anyone and everyone with just a single. So, collaborating over information, patient data and hospital records becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Collaborate over important topics (Discussions and chat)

When there are so many departments to be handled and so much to be discussed, it can be more than a handful job to get them all together and discuss important stuff. With Online discussions in our project management tool, you do not need to gather everyone together physically to conduct these meetings.

As the manager or head of the facility, you can simply create a discussion topic and add them all to the topic. Anyone and everyone can share their thoughts in real time. For instance, suppose you are planning to create a new wing in facility. But before finalizing on it, you need to discuss with the stakeholders about the expenses, the need of having the new wing, all the pros and cons that are going to be involved in the process and everything else. You can get everyone to contribute their thoughts via these discussions, without having to bring one one table physically.

Similarly, each department can conduct their meetings and discussion sessions using these online discussions and work without causing any unnecessary delays in work.

Take care of marketing efforts with ease (Proofing)

As important it is to have the right set of staff to keep the facility up and running successfully, it is equally important to have a marketing team always promoting the facility and keeping it on top of the competition. But for marketing teams getting feedback and approval on marketing collaterals in quick time can be a painful process; especially in healthcare facilities where medical professionals have so much already served in their platter.

This is where an Online proofing tool comes as a great help. The marketing teams can work on these collaterals, and share them with designated authorities to get their feedback. Rather than playing the email volleyball and waiting for the feedback to come over the course of time, marketing teams at healthcare facilities can simply add the files to ProofHub and assign collaborators over them; who can further share their feedback quickly using markup tools and threaded comments option within the online proofing tool.

Based on the feedback, marketing people can work on the changes and get the collaterals approved in quick time. Simple, easy and hassle-free contrary to how things usually happen at healthcare facilities.

Communicate in real time

There is an in-built Group chat tool as well. With the help of it, anyone from any team can communicate with other staff members in real time. Whether you need to task for patient recovery updates, or any other important information - you can get it all with just a ping in ProofHub chat; which by the way also has beautiful and funny emojis in it.

So, the boring and serious hospital communication can be made a little fun with the help of these emojis.

Give superpowers to the manager (Project manager)

To make sure that everything is being run smoothly in the healthcare facility, you can assign a Project manager in ProofHub. This project manger gets real-time updates on all the activities are happening within the facility that are being documented within ProofHub.

Based on the updates, the Project manager can take all the important decisions related to allocation of resources, planning of how processes work within the facility and similar other concerns.

In short, everything needed to run the health care facility comes together at one central place with ProofHub.

And, that’s not all!

To add an element of fun, we give you the option to White label your ProofHub account. What this means is that you can pick a custom domain, select a theme for your account, choose a color and add your business logo to the account to bring a more personal appeal in it.

The fact that ProofHub is available on mobile (Android as well as iOS) makes it makes it easier than ever for doctors, medical technicians, nurses and other staff members to carry out their routine activities in a healthcare facility without messing things up!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!