Project management Software for Finance Firms

Finance firms

Dealing with people's finances is serious business. When you are running a finance firm, you cannot afford to take the risk of letting important information slip through the cracks. This makes it imperative to have a system in place for everything; which is why you need to use ProofHub.

As a project management software for finance firms, it has got everything you need to bring people working in your firm together and keep your processes streamlined. Here's how it our project management software works for finance firms -

Keep everyone in loop (People)

ProofHub gives you a central place where all your clients, financial advisers and other members involved in the business can come together. Add your team members and clients within ProofHub, and create Custom roles for them. By doing this you can provide them access to certain sections in ProofHub that are relevant to them. This avoids them from facing problems like information overdose, getting irrelevant information and also eliminate their insecurity of not being kept in the loop.

All your clients, prospects and people come at one place (Projects)

You can create Projects for different teams. For instance, there could be one project for all the team members who are handling the existing customers. There could be another project for people who are dealing with the future prospects, which might get converted into clients. And, there could be a separate project for people working as client support and more. So, you can manage separate projects for separate teams and departments under one roof.

Plan the work to work on the plans (Tasks)

Systematic planning of things is needed to make sure that teams keep working smoothly. Teams in financial firms need to have clarity of the tasks they are supposed to carry out in a day. With ProofHub's Task management system, you can create a task list for each individual and assign them so that they know what's in store for them during the day. There is no need to rely on emails, one-on-one meetings and more to assign the day's work.

Create strategies to convert prospects to clients (Discussions)

"Let's call for meeting. We need to discuss the strategies to convert prospects into clients." And, half of the day is wasted in getting people together. But, with ProofHub all you have to do is create an

online discussion topic and add people whom to want to be part of this discussion. They don't need to get up from their or leave the work they are already doing. They can simply participate in Online discussions, share their thoughts via threaded comments in these discussions and create strategies that can be put to use. In the end, it can save your financial firm quite a lot of time. And, we all know that time is money in business - the more you save it the more profits you make!

Create flow for the client's life-cycle with your firm (Workflows and Boards)

The time a client spends with a term can be grouped into different Stages. In ProofHub, you can create a Kanban board containing each stage of the client's life-cycle and move them as they progress with your services. It begins with the prospect stage - when you are pitching the client for your services, but they have not hired you. You can create a board as Prospects in which you can put all the clients who you have to approach, and assign one of your advisers who deals with prospects. He/She now has a clear idea. As they approaches these clients, the ones that agree to hire your financial services can be moved to the next stage i.e. converted.

Prospects: Converted: Documentation: Customer support

In this converted board you can assign people who will take care of all the documentation aspect. Once they are converted the next team can take over from their and interact with them to follow up on all the documentation and paperwork that's needed. Once they are through with it, you can move them to the next board which is assigned to customer support team so that they can further interact with the client and take their feedback for their overall experience with your firm.

So, you can create a flow throughout the life-cycle of the client and make sure that everything is handled in a smooth and streamlined manner.

Have quick conversations (Group Chat)

With so many things going on like client interactions, financial dealings, and more, it becomes quite irksome to get up every now and then to have a quick word regarding something. With Group chat in ProofHub, however, all this comes to end. You can drop a quick 'Hi' or ask a question to get reply whenever you want to. There will be no lags in communication. At the same time, if you want to get your team together and drop a quick message for the entire team to know about it, you can simply create a group and enjoy group chat! Just to make the boring conversations interesting and intriguing, there are hundreds of beautiful emojis as well.

Keep all the client information handy (Notes and Files)

Notes in our project management software for finance teams works as the reservoir where you can store all your client information. All the interactions you have had with the potential and existing clients - you can jot them down in notes, color code them to easily identify later, and store them neatly in notebooks. They work as your personal journal in which you can pour in all your internal as well as client conversation, requirements and lot more.

At the same time you can upload all the Files like identity proofs of clients, photographs to be used for various technical works and all other files in different formats to keep them all centralized. So, you don't need to run everywhere to look for client information you need. All the information comes together at one place with ProofHub.

Never miss out on important meetings (Calendar)

Schedule your meetings with clients, set milestones for financial targets, create events for team gatherings and all important activities using ProofHub Calendar. And, just in case you are using a different calendar like Google Calendar or iCal, you can import them to ProofHub and get to see all your scheduled events in them. Everything comes at one central place with ProofHub!

And, there's a mobile app too!

There is a powerful mobile app as well (for Android and iOS both), which ensures that financial teams are always connected to their work wherever they go. It's like all your clients, data and important work related information is always within your pocket.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!