Management toolkit for photographers


Photography is an art of observation and capturing life; more than a medium for factual communication of ideas and above all it’s a creative skill. While there are plentiful of words and statements for its description, it is one of the fastest growing passion and profession around the world these days.

People who are fond of capturing beautiful and unique things, moments, places, etc. are drawing well by selling their art online. However, earning from your art is an art in itself. A number of factors contribute to this and customer satisfaction being the most crucial one, determines whether one is able to get full reward for his skills or not.

Why proofing is important?

Whether it is about creating a wedding album, crafting posters or making collages in different sizes and styles; photographers must ensure that their designs and patterns should match with the preferences of their clients. This makes proofing a necessary part of the job. You need to get your clicks and captures reviewed by the client and make changes according to the suggestions.

Sending a few photographs through your email can be done easily, but receiving feedback from the client and sending it back after moderation can create a hassling back and forth of emails for both parties. This is where a proofing tool for photographers comes as the handiest option. This tool is a central space wherein sharing and reviewing photographs becomes quite easy.

Streamline the proofing process

ProofHub offers three simple ways to get your photographs and images proofed from the clients:

  • Upload images and pictures in the central files section and can proof them from there itself
  • Raise a discussion wherein you can attach the files and your clients can directly proof the files using the available options.
  • Obtain the “copy proofing link” by right clicking the image you’ve uploaded in the files section and send this link to your client via chat or any of the preferable medium. Opening this link in a browser, your client would be able to proof the file.

It maximizes your efficiency and saves time that gets consumed in sending images to clients and receiving feedback through disparate tools. For example: If you need to make a wedding album, then you can create a folder giving an appropriate title and upload all the pictures in it. Now invite your clients to have a look and let them give their suggestions. Your clients can select photos that they want in their album and can suggest changes required in any of the photos by commenting.

How does proofing tool works?

Nothing difficult! Proofing tool comes with variety of options to simplify reviewing process.

  • It supports panning i.e. moving an image both vertically and horizontally.
  • You can mark changes using rectangle, arrows, lines, pencil, colors, etc.
  • You can type in your suggestions in the comment box.
  • Images can be zoomed in and out.

A complete photography management toolkit : Additional benefits of ProofHub

Apart from proofing, there are several features in ProofHub that can help you in managing photography projects.

  • Instantly chat with your teammates and clients using the inbuilt chat.
  • You can assign custom roles to the people involved in your projects, like giving read only access type to your clients.
  • Searching for files and images is easy with advanced search feature.
  • You can make notes of important information in notes and can categorize them using Notebooks.
  • Quickies are another quick way to capture random ideas and facts.
  • You can mark key dates on calendar, so as not to miss any beginnings, deadlines and any in-between events.
  • Also, you can set reminders for crucial dates choosing different options such as emails, pop ups, etc.
  • Discussions are a great way to share ideas and exchange views with one another on a topic. For example – you can start a discussion on a client’s wedding album, where both parties can comment and upload files for suggestions.

Whether it’s about one project or multiple photography undertakings, ProofHub is your ultimate management tool to get things well-organized and done quickly. Give it a try!