File Management


All these are common scenes for teams, no matter how big or small they are. When you are dealing with clients, projects and team members, there is no denying the fact that you are going to be bombarded with countless files and documents. And, this is the one thing that distracts people and wastes quite a big amount of their productive time.

This is the reason that having a file management system in place for the teams becomes so important. ProofHub works as the one system which can help you stay sane while maintaining all your files and documents in an organized manner.

Here’s a look at what ProofHub brings along that makes it the perfect file management software for every team -

All your files at one place

As a file management system, ProofHub allows you to bring all your files at one place. Simply upload the file in the tool and get it stored at a safe place. Whether it is your design files, PDFs, or any other format for that matter, you can store them all one place using our file management software.

The best part is that ProofHub has got integrations with almost all the major file sharing apps. The list includes names like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and DropBox, to name a few. If you have your files stored on any of these apps, you can access them within ProofHub. There is no need to juggle between different apps for storing and sharing your important business data.

Share files with just a click

When working in teams, you don’t only need a system in place to store the files but also need to make sure that the files can be shared with others quickly. After all, there are times when you need to get feedback from clients, or just send something to team members for reference.

ProofHub’s file management system lets you do that with just a single click. As a matter of fact, you can share these files with people who are not using ProofHub by sharing the download link with them. It works like the complete tool your team needs, using which you can collaborate with stakeholders and clients without any hassle.

Feedback sharing on files is simplified

Continuing from the last point, ProofHub has also got a powerful Online proofing tool. This proofing tool simplifies the feedback sharing and approval process. Simply upload the file in ProofHub and share it with decision makers to get them to proof and review the file.

You can even share a proofing link with people who are not part of your ProofHub account. So, feedback sharing becomes quick, and effortlessly easy. And, you can easily get rid of the hassle of those long email threads that created a complete chaos during the file approval process.

Take this example for instance.

With an online proofing tool the only resource you have to get client feedback is by using emails. In the first mail you send the file, requesting for feedback. The client reviews the file, shares the feedback and creates an email thread. You work on those changes and reply in the same email thread. A couple of rounds more and you now have a never ending to and fro email volleyball with many files. Just imagine the confusion it can create; if only one of those files or conversations is misplaced or misinterpreted!

With online proofing tool in ProofHub all this comes at one place. Clients can share their feedback right there on the file using markup tools and threaded comments. So, you don’t have to rely on those to and fro email volleyball for the feedback process. Isn’t that easy?

Beautiful Notes that can be organized into Notebooks

To make sure that not just your files, but documents are also available at one place ProofHub brings a user-friendly document management system within the app. You can create Notes to jot down all your important thoughts, project information, minutes of meeting client requirements and what not.

There is no need to stick to the traditional pen and paper to jot down all this. Simply create a note for the information that you want to jot down, mark it as private or share with others. You can store them in Notebooks and color code them to keep the notes organized.

There you have - everything you need to know about ProofHub’s file management system and how it can help you become better at work.

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