Event management software: Use ProofHub for online event management

event management

The thought of setting up an event management company, was initially considered as an arduous job. Numerous tasks, acute deadlines, keeping a track of progress made by the vendors, getting designs approved by the client and so much more made the whole process quite cumbersome. The most preferred tool that the a lot of companies made use of was Microsoft Excel or some generic task planner. However, that did not solve the purpose.

But, with online event management software, ProofHub and it’s great set of advantages event manage companies can now easily tackle multiple events simultaneously. Here’s a brief about how ProofHub comes on the scene:


1. Add all of your team members in ProofHub

Begin by adding your team in a project before doing anything else. Create projects for all the events you would want to manage using ProofHub and assign them to relevant people.

2. Add Notes to develop a project plan

Create an online plan for your new event design using ProofHub Notes and Gantt charts. Start by clicking on the tab “Notes” and then click “Add Note.” Everyone on the project will be automatically informed when a new note is created for the project. Any changes made on a new or existing note will be automatically saved. You can also add a comment and leave a note for your teammates, inviting them to review the work and add suggestions to the note. When your team members register with ProofHub (online registration) and go to the Notes tab, they will see what you have written and will have the option to add their own comments. This makes sure that important information never gets lost in a long thread of emails.

3. Initiate Discussions

Use Discussions to share an idea, get feedback or suggestions of those involved in a project. Add a topic and invite people to pour in their thoughts. With ProofHub discussions everything gets stored in one software and all those involved in a project get an easy access to the relevant files and documents, past communication and much more.

4. Create Tasks, Events and Milestones

You can make a new task list in the “To-Do’s” section and select the people responsible by checking off in front of their names. Write a task in the field labeled “Add Task”, enter the start-end date and then assign it to one or multiple team members from the team. Repeat until all the tasks involved in achieving a goal have been made to the list of things to do. Add important dates like, event execution or pre-event setup as milestones and mark people responsible for each of these milestones. This will keep you informed on when and by whom the upcoming milestone is to be completed. With regular updates and reminders about your upcoming events and milestones, you and those others involved won’t ever miss out on important dates.

5. Add your clients and vendors to your ProofHub account

Limit all correspondence within ProofHub and reduce the chance of miscommunication ensuring that all interactions with respect to the project lies in one centralized location. Rather than making a call to each and everyone, you can directly ping them through on chat and get clarity on an issue or a task.

6. Manage all your files and documents

With one central location to share, review and prepare your files and documents, nothing gets lost ever and everything is readily available for reference later. To save your time from attaching several files, you can simply Drag and Drop multiple files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive to your ProofHub account. By saving important files in your online event management software, you can access it anytime, anywhere. And if its designs, then proofing tool is must to try!

7. Set dependencies and keep a track of overall progress

With Gantt Charts, you can easily assign the dependencies of two inter-related tasks, so that timely preventive measures can be taken if one task takes longer than the required time. This makes sure that none of the dependent task suffers and gives you ample time to make amendments and assign the task to some other team member for it’s timely completion.

So what are you thinking now, have fun getting work done using ProofHub as free online event management tool, go ahead and give it a try!