Preparing editorial calendar using ProofHub


Nowadays for any organization to be known on the web is of utmost importance. Popularity on web builds a positive perception and hype about the organization that leapfrogs a company’s stature, fortune, quotient of attraction manifold. Now in order to get popular on the web, many companies push for content marketing. Almost every company believes in the phrase “content is king.” Seeing the latest trend on how much emphasis Google lays on content, most of the companies have a firm belief that a great piece of content can create a magic which can’t be replicated by any other mode.

But what exactly is content marketing?

According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. This information can be presented in a variety of formats including news, video, white papers, ebooks, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc.”

So, basically it is a form of marketing which is helpful to its audience. By helpful I mean it does some value addition to the target audience’s life.

Now for content marketing, many companies go for either long form or short form content or both. They strive hard to publish as many content in as many places, on as many topics that is humanly possible. But all this needs to be scheduled. Because if there is no schedule, then a content writer may not get appropriate time to write which would mean dwindling of quality. Such type of content could be detrimental for any company as it could build a bad reputation about it and since bad news spreads like wildfire, so such a situation should be avoided by creating an editorial calendar.

If we go for a traditional way of creating an editorial calendar, then we would face problems like we would need to create its multiple copies and distributing it. Also any update/change that is to be made in the calendar has to be informed about to each and every person involved. This could lead to a situation in which either a person gets left out of the loop or all don’t update their calendars with each update notification. Thus to avoid this type of situation which seems chaotic and confusing, we can go for a web based solution. Try ProofHub for free!

We can use a web based project management tool in which we can plan and schedule the tasks to be done for content marketing. In it we can create separate tasks for each blog or article or guest post to be written. In it we can add description, start and end date and assign it to one or multiple people. The below mentioned snapshot gives us a brief idea of how it would look like.


In it we can see content to be written in a specific week, when each content is due and who is responsible for a specific content.

Also, another advantage of using this tool is that one can always report an issue regarding a task in form of a comment under the task. Even a discussion can also be started for the same or have a live chat with one or multiple people. Besides, a person who is supposed to write the content can upload files in ProofHub itself and also record time for the task done by him or her.

Besides one can also easily keep track of content marketing activities by using the calendar.


In the calendar one can do several tasks:

  • Create milestones for when drafts for each article should be ready.
  • Create milestones for signifying deadline for publishing the content.
  • Check the dates for which each task is scheduled. This allows us to bring in changes as per requirement.
  • Set reminders in the milestones.
  • Schedule meetings to tackle urgent issues (if necessary).

Thus, we can see that such an editorial calendar has many advantages like:

  • Providing a roadmap of content production.
  • Ensuring that the content’s quality isn’t compromised.
  • Ensuring that there is consistent flow of content which would give an edge in SEO.
  • Ensuring that there is proper delegation of tasks which leads to equal distribution of work pressure.
  • Ensuring clarity to each and every person as to what he or she needs to do.
  • Easy performance evaluation.
  • Tracking the diversification that exists in content.
  • Easy collaboration, communication, file sharing and proofing.

Thus with ProofHub, one can easily streamline the entire process of content production leading to creation and distribution of quality content which can enhance the reputation by leaps and bounds. Try it for free!