Emails, Spreadsheets, Basecamp! Only, ProofHub made it right! – Heather Fleming


We started back in 2005 with 10 team members, out of which 5 were developers and 2 designers, 1 in testing and 2 as business development executives. Our main focus was to deliver quality projects that are always above the expectations of the clients. Initially, we had two projects in hand and it went well.

However, eventually the project count incremented and we hired more people at work. During this phase, a major problem that we encountered was the co-ordination. Using emails and spreadsheets for sharing data and communicating project related tasks, was no more seeming to work for us.

Our work quality went down…

And, more than that our employees were wasting time in finding old files from excel sheets which affected our productivity, and even our clients started complaining. Being one of the co-founders of the company, I knew that we were losing our vision. I sat in front of my PC for few hours looking for ways to improve manageability at work.

To my surprise, it was not only us, but a hundred others facing the same problem and I came up with a solution called Basecamp. I was happy to find this project management software that allowed us to discuss things and prepare notes on a single platform. For around a month, we used this software but again, we were stuck with even some more problems and then began our search for better Basecamp alternatives with more functionality and flexibility.

We needed something better

In Basecamp, there was no way to share files through Dropbox and it was difficult to maintain privacy of folders. Our problem was not fully solved! I knew that we needed a project management software to handle our work, but neither Basecamp Classic nor Basecamp Next was good enough.

One day, a friend of mine who is presently running a video agency, told me about ProofHub, over a cup of coffee. I discussed all the issues which we have been facing till now, and it was completely the thing we were looking for.

ProofHub solved just everything

With its set of tools and explanation of their usage i.e. helping any business to plan, organize and deliver projects on time, here, it has really helped us grow. Features like in-built chat that even allows group chat helped our team to discuss and achieve what mattered the most. Definitely, we did require project management software that integrates with Dropbox and ProofHub fulfilled that need as well.

Another issue was to know progress of different projects and tasks. However, with ProofHub gantt charts the problem was completely solved. Gantt charts made it extremely easy to view %age completion of different tasks and even enabled us to create and check task dependency; hardly found in any other software.

Interestingly, our designers benefited a lot from Proofing; it helped them gain better feedback of their designs. Now, it has been 3 years we are using ProofHub; and it has revolutionized the way we work.

Business can benefit a lot from ProofHub. Because, it works better than Basecamp and emails! We highly recommend it; go ahead and try it for free with its 30 day free trial.