What values do ex-basecamp users get with ProofHub


Basecamp is the pioneer in project management. And there is no denying that. Clean design and simple functionality; something that made life easier for the teams. They avoided the trap of doing everything. Rather they focused on doing a few things, but doing them right. It is also worth mentioning that they did not change much over time. For people who are looking to moving beyond Basecamp and want to try a better option, ProofHub has got plenty to offer.

Basecamp lacks some of the most basic functionalities that teams need. Here is a look at the values that ProofHub gives users who are planning to move from Basecamp to a bigger and better project management system -

Simplified task management

With ProofHub's task management software you get the option to keep work organized so that people don't have to wonder what they have to work on next and what's pending. Features like Tasks and Subtasks for easy work allocation make the entire process simpler and easier. You can even assign tasks to multiple people / Group of people, add time estimates to make your team accountable for whatever tasks they are working on and even import their tasks from a CSV file to make the entire process faster than ever.

Workflows & Kanban Boards

Another amazing thing ProofHub has that Basecamp does not is a simple to use Workflow management system. Use it to simplify the way you manage your tasks by defining their flow and assigning basic or Kanban workflow to them as per your requirement. You get the option to create Custom Workflows to add flexibility, attach files to these tasks, add time & labels to them and even integrate workflows with a task list to make the process more lucid.

Gantt Charts

ProofHub has got Gantt charts, which Basecamp does not have. You can use these charts to get a visual timeline for tasks to better plan the projects, manage resources efficiently and stay on the right track to deliver projects on time. With features like Task Dependencies, Drag & Drop for efficient scheduling, highlight important tasks with critical chain and more, teams and managers can work the plans effortlessly!

Online proofing tool

The biggest plus that ProofHub brings for ex-Basecamp users or people who are looking for an alternative to Basecamp is the powerful Online proofing tool. The tool allows you to speed up the files and document review process, bring clarity in feedback sharing and even keep track of changes made in them. With the online proofing tool you can benefit from real time collaboration & feedback sharing on files. There are advanced Markup tools to reduce the number of revision cycles and make sure that review process is simplified. The best part is that you can review files which can't be proofed and even review file versions simultaneously.

Time tracking

To help teams and managers make the most of their time, ProofHub brings an amazing in-built timer app which you do not get in Basecamp. Using time tracking feature in our tool you can keep track of time spent on tasks by either making manual time entries or by using timer to bill the clients accurately. You can set time estimates, create private timesheets to keep your time data personal and even use a timer to track time automatically and Export timesheets for quick and easy invoicing.


With Reports in ProofHub you get clear insight of how projects are running and how the resources are being utilized. For instance, there are Slipping project reports that let know which tasks are moving slow and running behind deadlines. So, you can take steps to bring back projects on track. Similarly there are Burn up charts to track the speed of project and clear task reports that give you simplified view of how tasks are progressing. There are these Resource reports as well, which allow you to manage easily your resources more and get the most out of them.

White labeling

And, to add icing on the cake ProofHub gives you the option to White label your account and make it look and appear just like your own. You can set up branded sign-in page, add a color, set a theme, and add your logo to make the account appear just like your company's look and feel.

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