ProofHub For Slack
ProofHub allows you to take real-time actions on tasks, sync conversations, and manage team projects without having to leave Slack.

Add to Slack

Turn Conversations Into Actions

Take real-time actions on tasks by adding them to projects. See task details right from Slack so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Turn Conversations Into Actions with Slack integration

Never Miss A Beat

Stay in the loop and streamline cross-team collaboration. Get notified about any new developments in your tasks or projects instantly in Slack channels.

Never Miss A Beat

Gain Ultimate Control

Stay on top of your team’s work and get work done faster. Check task status, mark tasks as complete, change assignees, and set due dates in ProofHub right from Slack.

Gain Ultimate Control

Get Your Team On The Same Page

Sync conversations, add comments and receive project updates across both platforms to keep your team on the right track with ProofHub and Slack Integration.

Get Your Team On The Same Page with ProofHub and Slack Integration

How to set up the ProofHub for
Slack integration?

Ways to use ProofHub for
Slack integration

ProofHub for Slack enables teams to create tasks and work on ProofHub without having to leave Slack. This way users can create tasks, add comments to tasks, change due dates and assignees, and much more without any hassle.

Here is everything you can do with the ProofHub for Slack integration:


How can I use ProofHub for Slack Integration?

ProofHub for Slack Integration can easily be used by any user with a registered ProofHub account. To begin using ProofHub and Slack integration, sign up for a ProofHub account.

How can I find ProofHub commands on Slack?

To access ProofHub commands on Slack simply type /proofhub help and a list of commands will be displayed on your channel. You can choose from various commands such as add tasks, connect, and disconnect.

How can I create tasks from Slack in ProofHub?

After connecting ProofHub with Slack, you can create a new task easily by simply typing the command /proofhub addtask in the selected channel. You can further add assignees, make comments, add start and due dates and take real-time actions on your task as well.

Can I receive notifications on ProofHub through Slack?

Yes, you can receive task notifications on ProofHub through Slack. You can choose a Slack channel where you want to receive notifications and once the task is completed or updated you shall be notified.