Create actionable plans to achieve
great things at work

Our project planning software has got everything you need to create that
perfect plan, execute it and iterate as and when needed.

Project planning tool that simplifies your work-life

Move your plans forward from ideation to execution and get work done faster, better than ever! ProofHub simplifies
the planning process by bringing teams together, and getting them to brainstorm over ideas online in a breeze.
With our project planning tool you can plan your work for today, tomorrow and everyday.

online project planning
Add custom roles to plan and work together with People

With all your team members available at a central place executing the planned projects becomes a piece of cake. Define everyone’s role and there will be no confusion as to who can access what.

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Plan great solutions together with Discussions

Discussing over important stuff, and finding great solutions together becomes painless with our project planning tool. Brainstorm ideas, iterate plans, and execute them to perfection with ProofHub.

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advance project planning
Plan forward at a rapid speed with Gantt chart

With one eye on the project progress rate, you always have a clear picture of whether the project is headed in the right direction or not. So you can iterate the plans, and stay right on track - always!

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Plan and assign responsibilities clearly with Tasks

With deadline based task allocation you can plan actionable task schedules where everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Everything is planned clearly, to ensure that teams are always on the right track.

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project planning Workflows
Customize your plans with Workflows and kanban boards

By breaking down tasks into stages, you can make working on projects simpler, easier and faster than ever. Define custom workflows so that things never slip into cracks, and teams are always a step ahead of the plan.

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Stay on top of deliverables and deadlines with Calendar

Manage important events, keep an eye on milestones and track project deadlines all from one place. Our project management software helps managers and teams to get the visibility they need to progress and plan things in advance.

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Carrier pigeons are expensive and very unreliable. Thank the stars for ProofHub.
Patrick Owens
— Patrick Owens, Fractal Fox