ProofHub is the smartest way to bring teams together and collaborate

Teams can effortlessly share ideas, compile files and documents, start discussions
and move forward with our online collaboration software.

Online collaboration tool to bring sanity in the way teams work

Our online collaboration tool is the best way to keep your team in-sync and get the job done. Bring your distributed teams at one place to start discussing plans. Offer them the agility to come together, move fast, and achieve great things at work. And, give velocity to your company’s growth with ProofHub.

online collaboration tool
Collaborate to ask questions and find answers with Group chat

Make communication work for your team by keeping communication channels clear. Continue to work without interruptions, share all the project related information and keep everyone in the loop using Group chat.

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Make collaboration meaningful with Discussions

Get teams together for thoughtful discussions and make collaboration easy and transparent. Our team collaboration software allows teams to have meaningful collaboration using online discussions and come up with great ideas.

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collaboration easy with proofing
Easily proof and review files for collaborative feedback

Collaborating and sharing feedback over business collaterals, files and documents becomes effortlessly easy with ProofHub. Online proofing in our collaboration tool minimizes the chances of re-work, to save teams a lot of time.

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Contribute your thoughts and ideas in Notes for quick collaboration

Store, organize and collaborate over all your thoughts, ideas, business collaterals, minutes of meeting and lot more using notes. Our collaboration software works as the central hub for bringing together all your important business information.

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Email In
Hassle-free collaboration while you are on the go with Email-in

Can’t access the tool while you are on the go? Not a problem as you can collaborate with your team, and get things done from wherever you are with Email-in feature in our online collaboration software.

ProofHub optimized our client happiness and eliminated all the fuzziness and problems that could happen with email project management.
— Valtancoli Fabrice, Webdesign Inspiration