ProofHub enables us to coordinate tasks, lead discussions within smaller groups and ensures that everybody sticks to individual and general deadlines.
- Anton Franzén

Company overview

We are the “Formula Student” team of Lund University. Formula Student is a global competition, where students design, build and compete with a small race car at competitions judged by professionals of the automotive industry.

Our team consists of 30 engineering students building the race car and 12 business students taking care of the administrative tasks, sponsoring and marketing. The vision of our team is “To develop students into leading professionals within the engineering industry and beyond.”

Challenges faced

There are two main factors that complicate the collaboration in the project. First, the students are part of different faculties and even take different courses within that faculty. Therefore, they don’t see each other on a regular basis and have very different time schedules and exam dates. Second, all the members are working in the project during their free time which sometimes makes it difficult to set strict deadlines to which everyone should stick.

How ProofHub helps

Due to these reasons, we needed a collaboration system that could enable us to share and work on files, lead discussions and track tasks, events and deadlines. While we still keep our files on Google drive in order to work simultaneously on them, ProofHub is a great solution for all of the other challenges. The best part is that ProofHub integrates well with Google drive and Dropbox as well, which enables us to increase our productivity.

We like how easy ProofHub is to use. We can change and edit things,
without having to start all again.

We created projects with discussions, tasks and deadlines that are relevant for the whole team as well as projects with content that only concerns the different engineering and marketing teams (e.g. Chassis, Engine, Sponsoring, Communication team). In this way, we can ensure that everybody receives all the relevant information he or she needs.