ProofHub allows our business to work and collaborate efficiently while keeping advanced projects organized and on schedule.
- Peter Ruchti

Company overview

AdeptPlus Media Company is a team of creative individuals focusing on creating online multi-media marketing solutions for businesses and organizations. We create and manage online reputations for startups, medium-sized organizations and large companies. By crafting online experiences that go beyond common website design, we allow businesses to communicate their brand and drive sales.

Challenges faced

As a marketing business, there are a lot of parts and pieces that go into communicating other companies. Prior to using ProofHub, we would collaborate using a large amount of emails, files stored in Dropbox, time sheets stored in excel, notes stored in Microsoft Word, and various other programs for the miscellaneous parts and pieces. Managing a project and all the data associated with it was a tedious and overly complex task.

Another challenge we faced was keeping track of time with our employees. Because one employee may work on up to five different projects in a day, it was difficult trying to keep track of where time was being allocated. Instead of having an accurate report for each project, we’d have to ballpark where our expenses were going to.

ProofHub is our ideal solution

ProofHub allows us to keep every single project consistently organized and well managed. We can collaborate on documents in real time, have discussions around content & ideas, and can share files & notes. Further, having all of our files, notes, calendars and task list in one dashboard, has both increased our efficiency and consistency of quality of our end product.

Moreover, it saves a ton of time through its time tracking feature; what’s cool is that we can track who is devoting how much time where. So there’s no need to spend an hour or so figuring out how time was spent.

It’s easy to get started with ProofHub and even easier to get used to it.

We looked at several of ProofHub’s competitors and found that ProofHub knocked it out of the park. Going beyond the project management system, ProofHub has fast & friendly support, neat & polished interface and has helped us with our specific needs.