19 Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity At the Workplace

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2. nTask

nTask is a project management software that helps teams save project-related information. It offers time tracking, set meeting agendas, to-do lists, and team collaboration.

3. GanttPro

GanttPro helps teams track a project’s progress. It also offers task management, team collaboration, time logs, deadline management, file export and sharing, and resource overload features.

4. Calendar

Calendar is an AI solution that helps you organize, book, and update meetings on your calendar. It also leverages analytics tools to assess calendar data, and schedule meetings.

5. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a team collaboration tool to manage marketing campaigns. It also offers contact management, data sync, automation for email, and social media.

6. Sanebox

Sanebox keeps your email accounts clean by sorting and decluttering the inbox. It offers smart filtering to prioritize emails, saves attachments to the cloud, and snoozes email alerts.

7. Slack

Slack is a team collaboration tool that keeps all communication in one place. It integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox, offers reminders, and highlights important words in a conversation.

8. Chanty

Chanty is a team chat communication tool. It lets you chat with colleagues in private, public, and group settings. Chanty offers audio/video calls, integrations, file sharing, and much more.

9. Bit.ai

Bit.ai is a document management and team collaboration tool to share, track, and manage all business documents. It also offers document sharing, real-time collaboration, and media storage.

10. Skype

Skype is a video communication and collaboration tool. It offers tons of features like HD video calls, sharing messages and media, and affordable call rates for landline and mobile numbers.

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11. Zoom

Zoom offers remote video conferencing services through cloud computing with up to 500 participants. It is quite easy to join and start, has HD video and audio calls, and offers screen sharing.

12. Toggl

Toggle is a time tracking application built for speed. It offers instant overview of billable hours and team progress, offline time tracking, and sends direct reports to managers.

13. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that offers client invoicing, employee payroll, and offers in-depth reporting. It helps track an employee’s mouse movements and keyboard strokes.

14. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking tool to keep track of where the team is spending their time during working hours. It offers screenshot recording, as well as web & app monitoring.

15. Evernote

Evernote is like a second brain that offers a centralized place to capture, organize, and share notes. It also lets you info, add attachments, and scan for information from business cards.

16. Freedom

Freedom offers the tools to improve focus and productivity. It helps you block  distractions to be productive, syncs with Windows, iPad, and iPhone, and plan daily or weekly sessions.

17. Brain.fm

Brain.fm is a productivity app that uses music to improve the cognitive state of your brain. It also helps boost focus, meditate, and sleep, and improve work-life balance.

18. Litmus

Litmus is an email management tool that lets you create an email for multiple devices and apps. It also offers email performance testing, and full visibility for an email program.

19. Fleep

Fleep is a messenger that integrates with email and lets you share and store files. It offers flexible communication, gets rid of endless email conversations, and helps contact anyone.

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