Most Popular Office Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

Funny work Halloween costumes

1. The Batman

A masculine all-black mask along with the cape is all you need

2. The Mask

Stand out with bright yellow suit, hat, and patterned black tie

3. Snow White

Be at your vibrant best with a jazzy halloween office costume

4. Maleficent 

Let those big black horns on your head make a loud scary statement

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Group office Halloween costumes

1. Minions 

Show your love for Minions with the same Halloween costume for every group member

2. Fanta Girl Costumes 

Be the most colorful group with Fanta girl halloween office costumes

3. Fruit Salad Costumes

Be the fruit you love to eat, but don’t let your colleagues have a bite of you!

4. Game of Thrones Costumes 

Don the warrior look with a wielding sword and faux

‘The Office’ themed Halloween costumes 

1. Prison Mike

Get a navy suit, purple bandana, and be the Prison Mike with least efforts

2. Dwight Schrute as Meredith

This genius office Halloween costume idea can be put together quickly

3. Angela Martin as a Penguin

Make people smile with this hilarious costume idea from The Office

4. Creed Bratton

Be the “bloody” guy and scare hell out of others in a funny way!

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