14 Inspiring Women in Marketing That Are Redefining the Norms

14 Inspiring Women in Marketing That Are Redefining the Norms

1. Vartika Kashyap

‘Having clear values is important, but creating shared values for a team is what makes success possible.’

2. Olga Andrienko

‘If it’s in my head, it’s already possible.’

3. Kay Hsu

There is nothing more powerful than using your voice and living your values, even at work.

4. Tyrona (Ty) Heath

Information, inspiration and action are catalysts for transformation.

5. Ann Handley

Be unique, inspire and connect.

6. Amisha Gandhi

It takes a community to help you build your career.

7. Ursula Ringham

‘Embrace curiosity, think and do things differently, and embed yourself in your craft if you want to innovate.’

8. Rani Mani

‘Open, honest, regular communication about what success looks like to each party is vital to a win-win relationship.

9. Rashmy Chatterjee

“All marketing is sales. At the end of the day, marketing must show results in the sales ledger or nothing else matters.”

10. Stephanie Stahl

“Better is a deceptively simple word. The path to better isn’t always clear.”

11. Katy Hornaday

‘We are very comfortable being uncomfortable, which is precisely what you have to be right now in this industry.’

12. Jennifer Rooney

‘The fundamental driver of cultivating a deeply engaged community is providing them with content and insights they need to succeed.’

13. Melanie Perkins

‘If you are determined and want it, you can just go for it.’

14. Britney Muller

Empathy is rooted in people’s fundamental need for connection.’